Class: BitmapFont


BitmapFont represents a typeface available for use with the BitmapText class. Use the install method for adding a font to be used.

new PIXI.BitmapFont (data, textures)

Name Type Description
data PIXI.BitmapFontData
textures Array<PIXI.Texture> | ObjectPIXI.Texture>


PIXI.BitmapFont.ALPHA Array> static

This character set includes all the letters in the alphabet (both lower- and upper- case).


 BitmapFont.from("ExampleFont", style, { chars: BitmapFont.ALPHA })

PIXI.BitmapFont.ALPHANUMERIC Array> static

This character set is the union of BitmapFont.ALPHA and BitmapFont.NUMERIC.

PIXI.BitmapFont.ASCII Array> static

This character set consists of all the ASCII table.


PIXI.BitmapFont.available ObjectPIXI.BitmapFont> static

Collection of available/installed fonts.

PIXI.BitmapFont.defaultOptions PIXI.IBitmapFontOptions static

Collection of default options when using BitmapFont.from.

Name Type Attributes Value Description
chars string | Array | Array> <constant>


padding number <constant>
resolution number <constant>
textureHeight number <constant>
textureWidth number <constant>

PIXI.BitmapFont.NUMERIC Array> static

This character set includes all decimal digits (from 0 to 9).


 BitmapFont.from("ExampleFont", style, { chars: BitmapFont.NUMERIC })

chars object

The map of characters by character code.

font string

The name of the font face.

lineHeight number

The line-height of the font face in pixels.

size number

The size of the font face in pixels.


PIXI.BitmapFont.from (name, style, options) PIXI.BitmapFont static

Generates a bitmap-font for the given style and character set. This does not support kernings yet. With style properties, only the following non-layout properties are used:

  • (PIXI.TextStyle#dropShadow|dropShadow)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#dropShadowDistance|dropShadowDistance)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#dropShadowColor|dropShadowColor)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#dropShadowBlur|dropShadowBlur)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#dropShadowAngle|dropShadowAngle)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#fill|fill)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#fillGradientStops|fillGradientStops)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#fillGradientType|fillGradientType)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#fontFamily|fontFamily)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#fontSize|fontSize)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#fontVariant|fontVariant)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#fontWeight|fontWeight)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#lineJoin|lineJoin)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#miterLimit|miterLimit)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#stroke|stroke)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#strokeThickness|strokeThickness)
  • (PIXI.TextStyle#textBaseline|textBaseline)
Name Type Attributes Default Description
name string

The name of the custom font to use with BitmapText.

style object | PIXI.TextStyle <optional>

Style options to render with BitmapFont.

options PIXI.IBitmapFontOptions <optional>

Setup options for font or name of the font.

options.chars string | Array | Array> <optional>

characters included in the font set. You can also use ranges. For example, [['a', 'z'], ['A', 'Z'], "!@#$%^&*()~{}[] "]. Don't forget to include spaces ' ' in your character set!

options.resolution number <optional>

Render resolution for glyphs.

options.textureWidth number <optional>

Optional width of atlas, smaller values to reduce memory.

options.textureHeight number <optional>

Optional height of atlas, smaller values to reduce memory.

options.padding number <optional>

Padding between glyphs on texture atlas.

Type Description
PIXI.BitmapFont Font generated by style options.

 PIXI.BitmapFont.from("TitleFont", {
     fontFamily: "Arial",
     fontSize: 12,
     strokeThickness: 2,
     fill: "purple"

 const title = new PIXI.BitmapText("This is the title", { fontName: "TitleFont" });

PIXI.BitmapFont.install (data, textures) PIXI.BitmapFont static

Register a new bitmap font.

Name Type Description
data XMLDocument | string | PIXI.BitmapFontData

The characters map that could be provided as xml or raw string.

textures ObjectPIXI.Texture> | PIXI.Texture | Array<PIXI.Texture>

List of textures for each page.

Type Description
PIXI.BitmapFont Result font object with font, size, lineHeight and char fields.

PIXI.BitmapFont.uninstall (name) void static

Remove bitmap font by name.

Name Type Description
name string

destroy () void

Remove references to created glyph textures.