Class: TextureUvs


Stores a texture's frame in UV coordinates, in which everything lies in the rectangle [(0,0), (1,0), (1,1), (0,1)].

Corner Coordinates
Top-Left (x0,y0)
Top-Right (x1,y1)
Bottom-Right (x2,y2)
Bottom-Left (x3,y3)


x0 number

X-component of top-left corner (x0,y0).

x1 number

X-component of top-right corner (x1,y1).

x2 number

X-component of bottom-right corner (x2,y2).

x3 number

X-component of bottom-left corner (x3,y3).

y0 number

Y-component of top-left corner (x0,y0).

y1 number

Y-component of top-right corner (x1,y1).

y2 number

Y-component of bottom-right corner (x2,y2).

y3 number

Y-component of bottom-right corner (x3,y3).


set (frame, baseFrame, rotate) void protected

Sets the texture Uvs based on the given frame information.

Name Type Description
frame PIXI.Rectangle

The frame of the texture

baseFrame PIXI.Rectangle

The base frame of the texture

rotate number

Rotation of frame, see PIXI.groupD8