Class: Transform


Transform that takes care about its versions

new PIXI.Transform ()


localTransform PIXI.Matrix

The local matrix transform

The pivot point of the displayObject that it rotates around.

The coordinate of the object relative to the local coordinates of the parent.

rotation number

The rotation of the object in radians.

The scale factor of the object.

The skew amount, on the x and y axis.

worldTransform PIXI.Matrix

The global matrix transform. It can be swapped temporarily by some functions like getLocalBounds()


setFromMatrix (matrix)

Decomposes a matrix and sets the transforms properties based on it.

Name Type Description
matrix PIXI.Matrix

The matrix to decompose

updateLocalTransform ()

Updates only local matrix

updateTransform (parentTransform)

Updates the values of the object and applies the parent's transform.

Name Type Description
parentTransform PIXI.Transform

The transform of the parent of this object