Class: VideoResource


Resource type for HTMLVideoElement.



PIXI.VideoResource.MIME_TYPES object static

Map of video MIME types that can't be directly derived from file extensions.

PIXI.VideoResource.TYPES Array static

List of common video file extensions supported by VideoResource.

autoPlay boolean

When set to true will automatically play videos used by this texture once they are loaded. If false, it will not modify the playing state.

Default Value:
  • true

autoUpdate boolean

Should the base texture automatically update itself, set to true by default

updateFPS number

How many times a second to update the texture from the video. Leave at 0 to update at every render. A lower fps can help performance, as updating the texture at 60fps on a 30ps video may not be efficient.


PIXI.VideoResource.test (source, extension) boolean static

Used to auto-detect the type of resource.

Name Type Attributes Description
source unknown

The source object

extension string <optional>

The extension of source, if set

Type Description
boolean true if video source

Destroys this texture

update (deltaTime) void overrides

Trigger updating of the texture

Name Type Attributes Default Description
deltaTime number <optional>

time delta since last tick

load () Promise protected overrides

Start preloading the video resource.

Type Description
Promise Handle the validate event

Inherited Properties

From class PIXI.BaseImageResource

source HTMLImageElement | HTMLCanvasElement | HTMLVideoElement | SVGElement inherited

The source element

From class PIXI.Resource

destroyed boolean inherited

If resource has been destroyed

Default Value:
  • false

height number inherited

The height of the resource.

valid boolean inherited

Has been validated

width number inherited

The width of the resource.

_height number protected inherited

Internal height of the resource

_width number protected inherited

Internal width of the resource

internal boolean protected inherited

true if resource is created by BaseTexture useful for doing cleanup with BaseTexture destroy and not cleaning up resources that were created externally.

Inherited Methods

From class PIXI.BaseImageResource

upload (renderer, baseTexture, glTexture, source) boolean inherited

Upload the texture to the GPU.

Name Type Attributes Description
renderer PIXI.Renderer

Upload to the renderer

baseTexture PIXI.BaseTexture

Reference to parent texture

glTexture PIXI.GLTexture
source HTMLImageElement | HTMLCanvasElement | HTMLVideoElement | SVGElement <optional>


Type Description
boolean true is success

From class PIXI.Resource

bind (baseTexture) void inherited

Bind to a parent BaseTexture

Name Type Description
baseTexture PIXI.BaseTexture

Parent texture

destroy () void inherited

Call when destroying resource, unbind any BaseTexture object before calling this method, as reference counts are maintained internally.

resize (width, height) void inherited

Trigger a resize event

Name Type Description
width number

X dimension

height number

Y dimension

style (renderer, baseTexture, glTexture) boolean inherited

Set the style, optional to override

Name Type Description
renderer PIXI.Renderer

yeah, renderer!

baseTexture PIXI.BaseTexture

the texture

glTexture PIXI.GLTexture

texture instance for this webgl context

Type Description
boolean true is success

unbind (baseTexture) void inherited

Unbind to a parent BaseTexture

Name Type Description
baseTexture PIXI.BaseTexture

Parent texture