Class: Star


Draw a star shape with an arbitrary number of points.

new PIXI.graphicsUtils.Star (x, y, points, radius, innerRadius, rotation) overrides

Name Type Attributes Default Description
x number

Center X position of the star

y number

Center Y position of the star

points number

The number of points of the star, must be > 1

radius number

The outer radius of the star

innerRadius number <optional>

The inner radius between points, default half radius

rotation number <optional>

The rotation of the star in radians, where 0 is vertical


Inherited Properties

From class PIXI.Polygon

closeStroke boolean inherited

false after moveTo, true after closePath. In all other cases it is true.

Default Value:
  • true

points Array<number> inherited

An array of the points of this polygon

type number readonly inherited

The type of the object, mainly used to avoid instanceof checks

Default Value:

Inherited Methods

From class PIXI.Polygon

Creates a clone of this polygon

Type Description
PIXI.Polygon a copy of the polygon

contains (x, y) boolean inherited

Checks whether the x and y coordinates passed to this function are contained within this polygon

Name Type Description
x number

The X coordinate of the point to test

y number

The Y coordinate of the point to test

Type Description
boolean Whether the x/y coordinates are within this polygon