Class: MeshMaterial


Slightly opinionated default shader for PixiJS 2D objects.

new PIXI.MeshMaterial (uSampler, options)

Name Type Description
uSampler PIXI.Texture

Texture that material uses to render.

options object optional

Additional options

Name Type Default Description
alpha number 1 optional

Default alpha.

tint number 0xFFFFFF optional

Default tint.

pluginName string 'batch' optional

Renderer plugin for batching.

program PIXI.Program 0xFFFFFF optional

Custom program.

uniforms object optional

Custom uniforms.



alpha number

This gets automatically set by the object using this.

Default Value:
  • 1

batchable boolean

true if shader can be batch with the renderer's batch system.

Default Value:
  • true

pluginName string

Renderer plugin for batching

Default Value:
  • 'batch'

Program that the shader uses

texture PIXI.Texture

Reference to the texture being rendered.

tint number

Multiply tint for the material.

Default Value:
  • 0xFFFFFF

uniforms object readonly inherited

Shader uniform values, shortcut for uniformGroup.uniforms

uvMatrix PIXI.TextureMatrix readonly

TextureMatrix instance for this Mesh, used to track Texture changes


render (renderer, mesh) protected

Renders the mesh using the Canvas renderer

Name Type Description
renderer PIXI.CanvasRenderer

The canvas renderer.

mesh PIXI.Mesh

Mesh to render.

Gets called automatically by the Mesh. Intended to be overridden for custom MeshMaterial objects.