Class: Polygon


new PIXI.Polygon (points)

Name Type Description
points Array.<PIXI.Point> | Array.<number> repeatable

This can be an array of Points that form the polygon, a flat array of numbers that will be interpreted as [x,y, x,y, ...], or the arguments passed can be all the points of the polygon e.g. new PIXI.Polygon(new PIXI.Point(), new PIXI.Point(), ...), or the arguments passed can be flat x,y values e.g. new Polygon(x,y, x,y, x,y, ...) where x and y are Numbers.


points Array.<number>

An array of the points of this polygon

type number readonly

The type of the object, mainly used to avoid instanceof checks

Default Value:


Creates a clone of this polygon

Type Description
PIXI.Polygon a copy of the polygon

close ()

Closes the polygon, adding points if necessary.

contains (x, y)boolean

Checks whether the x and y coordinates passed to this function are contained within this polygon

Name Type Description
x number

The X coordinate of the point to test

y number

The Y coordinate of the point to test

Type Description
boolean Whether the x/y coordinates are within this polygon