Class: GraphicsData


A class to contain data useful for Graphics objects

new PIXI.GraphicsData (shape, fillStyle, lineStyle, matrix)

Name Type Attributes Description
shape PIXI.Circle | PIXI.Ellipse | PIXI.Polygon | PIXI.Rectangle | PIXI.RoundedRectangle

The shape object to draw.

fillStyle PIXI.FillStyle <optional>

the width of the line to draw

lineStyle PIXI.LineStyle <optional>

the color of the line to draw

matrix PIXI.Matrix <optional>

Transform matrix


fillStyle PIXI.FillStyle

The style of the fill.

holes Array<PIXI.GraphicsData>

The collection of holes.

lineStyle PIXI.LineStyle

The style of the line.

matrix PIXI.Matrix

The transform matrix.

points number[]

The collection of points.

The shape object to draw.

type number

The type of the shape, see the Const.Shapes file for all the existing types,


Creates a new GraphicsData object with the same values as this one.

Type Description
PIXI.GraphicsData Cloned GraphicsData object

destroy () void

Destroys the Graphics data.