Class: TextureSystem


System plugin to the renderer to manage textures.

new PIXI.TextureSystem (renderer) overrides

Name Type Description
renderer PIXI.Renderer

The renderer this System works for.




boundTextures Array<PIXI.BaseTexture> readonly

Bound textures

currentLocation number readonly

Current location

Default Value:
  • -1

managedTextures Array<PIXI.BaseTexture> readonly

List of managed textures

unknownTexture PIXI.BaseTexture readonly

BaseTexture value that shows that we don't know what is bound

hasIntegerTextures boolean protected

Whether glTexture with int/uint sampler type was uploaded.


bind (texture_, location) void

Bind a texture to a specific location

If you want to unbind something, please use unbind(texture) instead of bind(null, textureLocation)

Name Type Attributes Default Description
texture_ PIXI.Texture | PIXI.BaseTexture

Texture to bind

location number <optional>

Location to bind at

contextChange () void

Sets up the renderer context and necessary buffers.

ensureSamplerType (maxTextures) void

Ensures that current boundTextures all have FLOAT sampler type, see PIXI.SAMPLER_TYPES for explanation.

Name Type Description
maxTextures number

number of locations to check

reset () void

Resets texture location and bound textures

Actual bind(null, i) calls will be performed at next unbind() call

unbind (texture) void

Unbind a texture

Name Type Attributes Description
texture PIXI.BaseTexture <optional>

Texture to bind

Inherited Properties

From class PIXI.System

Reference to the main renderer

Inherited Methods

From class PIXI.System

destroy () void inherited

Destroy and don't use after this.