Class: FederatedEvent


An DOM-compatible synthetic event implementation that is "forwarded" on behalf of an original FederatedEvent or native Event.

new PIXI.FederatedEvent (manager)

Name Type Description
manager PIXI.EventBoundary

The event boundary which manages this event. Propagation can only occur within the boundary's jurisdiction.


  • UIEvent


bubbles boolean

Flags whether this event bubbles. This will take effect only if it is set before propagation.

Default Value:
  • true

cancelable boolean readonly

Flags whether this event can be canceled using FederatedEvent.preventDefault. This is always false (for now).

Default Value:
  • false

cancelBubble boolean Deprecated

Default Value:
  • true

composed boolean readonly

Flag added for compatibility with DOM Event. It is not used in the Federated Events API.

Default Value:
  • false

currentTarget FederatedEventTarget

The listeners of the event target that are being notified.

data Deprecated

Fallback for the deprecated

defaultPrevented boolean

Flags whether the default response of the user agent was prevent through this event.

Default Value:
  • false

detail number

Event-specific detail


The propagation phase.

Default Value:
  • FederatedEvent.NONE

isTrusted boolean

Flags whether this is a user-trusted event

layer Point

The coordinates of the evnet relative to the nearest DOM layer. This is a non-standard property.

layerX readonly

layerY readonly

manager EventBoundary readonly

The EventBoundary that manages this event. Null for root events.

nativeEvent N

The native event that caused the foremost original event.

originalEvent FederatedEvent

The original event that caused this event, if any.

page Point

The coordinates of the event relative to the DOM document. This is a non-standard property.

pageX readonly

pageY readonly

path FederatedEventTarget[]

The composed path of the event's propagation. The target is at the end.

propagationImmediatelyStopped boolean

Flags whether propagation was immediately stopped.

Default Value:
  • false

propagationStopped boolean

Flags whether propagation was stopped.

Default Value:
  • false

returnValue boolean Deprecated

srcElement EventTarget Deprecated

target FederatedEventTarget

The event target that this will be dispatched to.

timeStamp number

The timestamp of when the event was created.

type string

The type of event, e.g. "mouseup".

view WindowProxy

The global Window object.

which number Deprecated

Not supported.


The propagation path for this event. Alias for EventBoundary.propagationPath.

Type Description

initEvent (_type, _bubbles, _cancelable) void

Unimplemented method included for implementing the DOM interface Event. It will throw an Error.

Name Type Attributes Description
_type string
_bubbles boolean <optional>
_cancelable boolean <optional>

preventDefault () void

Prevent default behavior of PixiJS and the user agent.

stopImmediatePropagation () void

Stop this event from propagating to any addition listeners, including on the currentTarget and also the following event targets on the propagation path.

stopPropagation () void

Stop this event from propagating to the next FederatedEventTarget. The rest of the listeners on the currentTarget will still be notified.