Class: GLProgram


Helper class to create a WebGL Program

new PIXI.GLProgram (program, uniformData)

Makes a new Pixi program

Name Type Description
program WebGLProgram

webgl program

uniformData Object



program WebGLProgram

The shader program

uniformBufferBindings Dict<any>

A hash that stores where UBOs are bound to on the program.

uniformData Object

holds the uniform data which contains uniform locations and current uniform values used for caching and preventing unneeded GPU commands

uniformDirtyGroups Dict<any>

a place where dirty ticks are stored for groups If a tick here does not match with the Higher level Programs tick, it means we should re upload the data.

uniformGroups Object

uniformGroups holds the various upload functions for the shader. Each uniform group and program have a unique upload function generated.

uniformSync Dict<any>

A hash for lazily-generated uniform uploading functions.


destroy () void

Destroys this program