Class: RenderTextureSystem


System plugin to the renderer to manage render textures.

Should be added after FramebufferSystem


The RenderTextureSystem holds a sourceFrame → destinationFrame projection. The following table explains the different coordinate spaces used:

Frame Description Coordinate System
sourceFrame The rectangle inside of which display-objects are being rendered World Space: The origin on the top-left
destinationFrame The rectangle in the render-target (canvas or texture) into which contents should be rendered If rendering to the canvas, this is in screen space and the origin is on the top-left. If rendering to a render-texture, this is in its base-texture's space with the origin on the bottom-left.
viewportFrame The framebuffer viewport corresponding to the destination-frame Window Coordinates: The origin is always on the bottom-left.

new PIXI.RenderTextureSystem (renderer)

Name Type Description
renderer PIXI.Renderer

The renderer this System works for.



clearColor number[]

The clear background color as RGBA.

current PIXI.RenderTexture | null readonly

Render texture currently bound. null if rendering to the canvas.

defaultMaskStack Array<PIXI.MaskData> readonly

List of masks for the PIXI.StencilSystem.

destinationFrame PIXI.Rectangle readonly

The destination frame for the render-target's projection mapping.

See PIXI.Projection#destinationFrame for more details.

sourceFrame PIXI.Rectangle readonly

The source frame for the render-target's projection mapping.

See PIXI.ProjectionSystem#sourceFrame for more details

viewportFrame PIXI.Rectangle readonly

The viewport frame for the render-target's viewport binding. This is equal to the destination-frame for render-textures, while it is y-flipped when rendering to the screen (i.e. its origin is always on the bottom-left).


bind (renderTexture, sourceFrame, destinationFrame) void

Bind the current render texture.

Name Type Attributes Description

RenderTexture to bind, by default its null - the screen.

sourceFrame PIXI.Rectangle <optional>

Part of world that is mapped to the renderTexture.

destinationFrame PIXI.Rectangle <optional>

Part of renderTexture, by default it has the same size as sourceFrame.

clear (clearColor, mask) void

Erases the render texture and fills the drawing area with a colour.

Name Type Attributes Default Description
clearColor number[] <optional>

The color as rgba, default to use the renderer backgroundColor

mask PIXI.BUFFER_BITS <optional>

Bitwise OR of masks that indicate the buffers to be cleared, by default COLOR and DEPTH buffers.

Resets render-texture state.