Class: StencilManager


new PIXI.StencilManager (renderer)

Name Type Description
renderer PIXI.WebGLRenderer

The renderer this manager works for.



The renderer this manager works for.


_getBitwiseMask ()number

Fill 1s equal to the number of acitve stencil masks.

Type Description
number The bitwise mask.

_useCurrent ()

Setup renderer to use the current stencil data.

Destroys the mask stack.

onContextChange () inherited

Generic method called when there is a WebGL context change.

popStencil ()

Removes the last mask from the stencil stack. @alvin

pushStencil (graphics)

Applies the Mask and adds it to the current stencil stack. @alvin

Name Type Description
graphics PIXI.Graphics

The mask

setMaskStack (stencilMaskStack)

Changes the mask stack that is used by this manager.

Name Type Description
stencilMaskStack Array.<PIXI.Graphics>

The mask stack