Class: Spritesheet


Utility class for maintaining reference to a collection of Textures on a single Spritesheet.

To access a sprite sheet from your code pass its JSON data file to Pixi's loader:


function setup() {
  let sheet = PIXI.Loader.shared.resources["images/spritesheet.json"].spritesheet;

With the sheet.textures you can create Sprite objects,sheet.animations can be used to create an AnimatedSprite.

Sprite sheets can be packed using tools like TexturePacker, Shoebox or Spritesheet.js. Default anchor points (see PIXI.Texture#defaultAnchor) and grouping of animation sprites are currently only supported by TexturePacker.

new PIXI.Spritesheet (baseTexture, data, resolutionFilename)

Name Type Attributes Description
baseTexture PIXI.BaseTexture | PIXI.Texture

Reference to the source BaseTexture object.

data Object

Spritesheet image data.

resolutionFilename string <optional>

The filename to consider when determining the resolution of the spritesheet. If not provided, the imageUrl will be used on the BaseTexture.


PIXI.Spritesheet.BATCH_SIZE number static

The maximum number of Textures to build per process.

Default Value:
  • 1000

animations Object

A map containing the textures for each animation. Can be used to create an AnimatedSprite:

new PIXI.AnimatedSprite(sheet.animations["anim_name"])

baseTexture PIXI.BaseTexture

Reference to ths source texture.

data Object

Reference to the original JSON data.

resolution number

The resolution of the spritesheet.

textures Object

A map containing all textures of the sprite sheet. Can be used to create a Sprite:

new PIXI.Sprite(sheet.textures["image.png"]);


destroy (destroyBase) void

Destroy Spritesheet and don't use after this.

Name Type Attributes Default Description
destroyBase boolean <optional>

Whether to destroy the base texture as well

parse (callback) void

Parser spritesheet from loaded data. This is done asynchronously to prevent creating too many Texture within a single process.

Name Type Description
callback Function

Callback when complete returns a map of the Textures for this spritesheet.