Class: MaskData


Component for masked elements

Holds mask mode and temporary data about current mask

new PIXI.MaskData (maskObject)

Create MaskData

Name Type Attributes Default Description
maskObject PIXI.DisplayObject <optional>

object that describes the mask


_scissorRect PIXI.Rectangle

Scissor operation above the mask in stack. Null if _scissorCounter is zero, rectangle instance if positive.

Default Value:
  • undefined

autoDetect boolean

Whether we know the mask type beforehand

Default Value:
  • true

isMaskData boolean

Indicator of the type

Default Value:
  • true

maskObject PIXI.DisplayObject

Which element we use to mask

pooled boolean

Whether it belongs to MaskSystem pool

Default Value:
  • false

Mask type


copyCountersOrReset (maskAbove) void

copies counters from maskData above, called from pushMask()

Name Type Attributes Description
maskAbove PIXI.MaskData | unknown <optional>

reset () void

resets the mask data after popMask()