Class: ContextSystem


System plugin to the renderer to manage the context.

new PIXI.ContextSystem (renderer) overrides

Name Type Description
renderer PIXI.Renderer

The renderer this System works for.



extensions object

Extensions being used

Name Type Description
anisotropicFiltering EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic

WebGL v1 and v2 extension

depthTexture WEBGL_depth_texture

WebGL v1 extension

drawBuffers WEBGL_draw_buffers

WebGL v1 extension

floatTexture OES_texture_float

WebGL v1 extension

loseContext WEBGL_lose_context

WebGL v1 extension

vertexArrayObject OES_vertex_array_object

WebGL v1 extension

isLost boolean

true if the context is lost

webGLVersion number

Either 1 or 2 to reflect the WebGL version being used


contextChange (gl) void

Handle the context change event

Name Type Description
gl WebGLRenderingContext

new webgl context

createContext (canvas, options) WebGLRenderingContext

Helper class to create a WebGL Context

Name Type Description
canvas HTMLCanvasElement

the canvas element that we will get the context from

options object

An options object that gets passed in to the canvas element containing the context attributes

Type Description
WebGLRenderingContext the WebGL context

getExtensions () void protected

Auto-populate the extensions

handleContextLost (event) void protected

Handles a lost webgl context

Name Type Description
event WebGLContextEvent

The context lost event.

handleContextRestored () void protected

Handles a restored webgl context

initFromContext (gl) void protected

Initialize the context

Name Type Description
gl WebGLRenderingContext

WebGL context

initFromOptions (options) void protected

Initialize from context options

Name Type Description
options object

context attributes


postrender () void protected

Handle the post-render runner event

validateContext (gl) void protected

Validate context

Name Type Description
gl WebGLRenderingContext

Render context

Inherited Properties

From class PIXI.System

The renderer this manager works for.

Inherited Methods

From class PIXI.System

destroy () void inherited

Generic destroy methods to be overridden by the subclass