Class: GraphicsData


A class to contain data useful for Graphics objects

new PIXI.GraphicsData (shape, fillStyle, lineStyle, matrix)

Name Type Attributes Description
shape PIXI.Circle | PIXI.Ellipse | PIXI.Polygon | PIXI.Rectangle | PIXI.RoundedRectangle

The shape object to draw.

fillStyle PIXI.FillStyle <optional>

the width of the line to draw

lineStyle PIXI.LineStyle <optional>

the color of the line to draw

matrix PIXI.Matrix <optional>

Transform matrix


fillStyle PIXI.FillStyle

The style of the fill.

holes Array<PIXI.GraphicsData>

The collection of holes.

lineStyle PIXI.LineStyle

The style of the line.

matrix PIXI.Matrix

The transform matrix.

points Array

The collection of points.

The shape object to draw.

type number

The type of the shape, see the Const.Shapes file for all the existing types,


Creates a new GraphicsData object with the same values as this one.

Type Description
PIXI.GraphicsData Cloned GraphicsData object

destroy () void

Destroys the Graphics data.