Class: RenderTextureSystem


System plugin to the renderer to manage render textures.

Should be added after FramebufferSystem


The RenderTextureSystem holds a sourceFrame → destinationFrame projection. The following table explains the different coordinate spaces used:

Frame Description Coordinate System
sourceFrame The rectangle inside of which display-objects are being rendered World Space: The origin on the top-left
destinationFrame The rectangle in the render-target (canvas or texture) into which contents should be rendered If rendering to the canvas, this is in screen space and the origin is on the top-left. If rendering to a render-texture, this is in its base-texture's space with the origin on the bottom-left.
viewportFrame The framebuffer viewport corresponding to the destination-frame Window Coordinates: The origin is always on the bottom-left.

new PIXI.RenderTextureSystem (renderer) overrides

Name Type Description
renderer PIXI.Renderer

The renderer this System works for.



clearColor Array

The clear background color as rgba

Render texture

defaultMaskStack Array<PIXI.Graphics>

List of masks for the StencilSystem

destinationFrame PIXI.Rectangle

The destination frame for the render-target's projection mapping.

See PIXI.Projection#destinationFrame for more details.

sourceFrame PIXI.Rectangle

The source frame for the render-target's projection mapping.

See PIXI.ProjectionSystem#sourceFrame for more details.

viewportFrame PIXI.Rectangle

The viewport frame for the render-target's viewport binding. This is equal to the destination-frame for render-textures, while it is y-flipped when rendering to the screen (i.e. its origin is always on the bottom-left).


bind (renderTexture, sourceFrame, destinationFrame) void

Bind the current render texture

Name Type Attributes Description
renderTexture PIXI.RenderTexture <optional>

RenderTexture to bind, by default its null, the screen

sourceFrame PIXI.Rectangle <optional>

part of screen that is mapped to the renderTexture

destinationFrame PIXI.Rectangle <optional>

part of renderTexture, by default it has the same size as sourceFrame

clear (clearColor, mask) PIXI.Renderer

Erases the render texture and fills the drawing area with a colour

Name Type Attributes Default Description
clearColor Array <optional>

The color as rgba, default to use the renderer backgroundColor

mask PIXI.BUFFER_BITS <optional>

Bitwise OR of masks that indicate the buffers to be cleared, by default COLOR and DEPTH buffers.

Type Description
PIXI.Renderer Returns itself.

Resets renderTexture state

Inherited Properties

From class PIXI.System

The renderer this manager works for.

Inherited Methods

From class PIXI.System

destroy () void inherited

Generic destroy methods to be overridden by the subclass