Class: Star


Draw a star shape with an arbitrary number of points.


Inherited Properties

From class PIXI.Polygon

closeStroke boolean inherited

false after moveTo, true after closePath. In all other cases it is true.

Default Value:
  • true

points Array inherited

An array of the points of this polygon

type number inherited

The type of the object, mainly used to avoid instanceof checks

Default Value:

Inherited Methods

From class PIXI.Polygon

Creates a clone of this polygon

Type Description
PIXI.Polygon a copy of the polygon

contains (x, y) boolean inherited

Checks whether the x and y coordinates passed to this function are contained within this polygon

Name Type Description
x number

The X coordinate of the point to test

y number

The Y coordinate of the point to test

Type Description
boolean Whether the x/y coordinates are within this polygon