Class: Spritesheet


Utility class for maintaining reference to a collection of Textures on a single Spritesheet.

To access a sprite sheet from your code pass its JSON data file to Pixi's loader:


function setup() {
  let sheet = PIXI.Loader.shared.resources["images/spritesheet.json"].spritesheet;

With the sheet.textures you can create Sprite objects,sheet.animations can be used to create an AnimatedSprite.

Sprite sheets can be packed using tools like|TexturePacker,|Shoebox or|Spritesheet.js. Default anchor points (see PIXI.Texture#defaultAnchor) and grouping of animation sprites are currently only supported by TexturePacker.

new PIXI.Spritesheet (baseTexture, data, resolutionFilename)

Name Type Attributes Description
baseTexture PIXI.BaseTexture | PIXI.Texture

Reference to the source BaseTexture object.

data Object

Spritesheet image data.

resolutionFilename string <optional>

The filename to consider when determining the resolution of the spritesheet. If not provided, the imageUrl will be used on the BaseTexture.


PIXI.Spritesheet.BATCH_SIZE number static

The maximum number of Textures to build per process.

Default Value:
  • 1000

animations Object

A map containing the textures for each animation. Can be used to create an (PIXI.AnimatedSprite|AnimatedSprite):

new PIXI.AnimatedSprite(sheet.animations["anim_name"])

baseTexture PIXI.BaseTexture

Reference to ths source texture.

data Object

Reference to the original JSON data.

resolution number

The resolution of the spritesheet.

textures Object

A map containing all textures of the sprite sheet. Can be used to create a (PIXI.Sprite|Sprite):

new PIXI.Sprite(sheet.textures["image.png"]);


destroy (destroyBase) void

Destroy Spritesheet and don't use after this.

Name Type Attributes Default Description
destroyBase boolean <optional>

Whether to destroy the base texture as well

parse (callback) void

Parser spritesheet from loaded data. This is done asynchronously to prevent creating too many Texture within a single process.

Name Type Description
callback Function

Callback when complete returns a map of the Textures for this spritesheet.