Class: ScissorSystem


System plugin to the renderer to manage scissor masking.

Scissor masking discards pixels outside of a rectangle called the scissor box. The scissor box is in the framebuffer viewport's space; however, the mask's rectangle is projected from world-space to viewport space automatically by this system.

new PIXI.ScissorSystem (renderer) overrides

Name Type Description
renderer PIXI.Renderer

The renderer this System works for.



pop () void

This should be called after a mask is popped off the mask stack. It will rebind the scissor box to be latest with the last mask in the stack.

This can also be called when you directly modify the scissor box and want to restore PixiJS state.

push (maskData) void

Applies the Mask and adds it to the current stencil stack.

Name Type Description
maskData PIXI.MaskData

The mask data

Inherited Properties

From class PIXI.System

The renderer this manager works for.

Inherited Methods

From class PIXI.System

destroy () void inherited

Generic destroy methods to be overridden by the subclass